What is North Florida Tigers?

North Florida Tigers is a post-graduate and junior college program based out of Tallahassee, Florida. North Florida has been in existence since 2017, and helps student-athletes earn the test scores and/or college credit they need to receive scholarships to four-year institutions.


North Florida students can achieve this by enrolling in college courses through Tallahassee Community College and by taking ACT/SAT prep classes with the North Florida Tigers.


What is a “Post-Graduate” Year?

A postgraduate or “PG year” as it is often called. The PG year is a full academic year of study generally pursued between graduation from high school and matriculation at a college or university. A PG year is offered at many independent schools throughout the country and usually involves a residential experience.


How do students benefit from a postgraduate year?

The environment of a residential, college preparatory school provides the key to the success of a PG year. Small classes, faculty, and on campus free tutors who care and are available. Our facilities mirror those of a college campus, and our weekly schedule is designed to develop the skills a student-athlete needs to meet the challenges of an athletically charged college experience.


You will not burn up any eligibility while attending North Florida. You will be classified a part-time student and your eligibility clock will not start.


What are the chances my son earns a scholarship to a four-year school?

While there is no guarantee of an offer if you enroll in a prep school, we are averaging 31 players per recruiting class to earn an offer to play at a four-year program. We have helped players receive offers from four-year programs at all different levels of competition. (FBS, FCS, D2, D3, NAIA) In some situations, an “offer” could be an academic offer from a Division 3 school. Any combination of financial aid, athletic aid, and academic aid will help get your son into a four-year school.


How will my son get his film seen and be recruited?

The North Florida Tigers uses Hudl (www.hudl.com) for the creation of highlight tapes, film breakdown, film study, and recruiting. Players have access to their Hudl accounts so they can create their highlights and have a presentable professional “resume” for college coaches. We also utilize different recruiting services to help players with being recruited so that we have a well-rounded resume of relationships with college coaches. Our players will have access to the connections and relationships we have built over time as a program.

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